Update: My Filofax as a purse

My setup for how I use my Mini Malden as a purse has changed so I thought I would do an update. In my previous post, I showed how I kept my German day word of the day pages in this purse. I have removed these out because they were getting quite a beating and I didn’t also have my purse to hand to always write them in. They are now housed in my personal Filofax. I also have a Mini Baroque which houses them when they are filled. So now this is fully a wallet.


With the rings no longer being used I thought I would take out the cards from the card slots on the front and the back of the Malden. I purchased a card holder, really cheaply on Ebay and had it sent over. It was a beautiful little wrap around. I really liked the look of it so I have carefully detached the plastic sleeves from the outing. I am thinking of maybe turning it into a mini Traveller’s Notebook but that’s for another day.



I largely followed Kent from Oz’s video to remove them the plastic sleeves. As I do not have Austrialian manliness and a single hole punch I followed his earlier video:

Although I did remove the studs on the holder and made the metal smaller in an attempt to stop ripping a bigger hole into the card harder. If you are not precious about getting it the card holder you can skip this step.



I cut the seal off and used a Mini sized piece of paper to mark the centre hole with a Staedtler pen. I set my holepunch to Mini sized and lined up the wallet with the holes. Once I was happy with the line up, I took a piece of scotch tape (slightly more sticky than washi) and lined it along one side of the plastic wallet. This meant that for the other ten card holders they would line up perfectly. I punched all ten individually.


I have moved my coins, as I don’t have that many at the moment back into the zipped coin compartment and attached my keys to the lower ring.

My travel card fits nicely into the back card slot, although the rings do rest on the leather travel card holder. At the moment I don’t close the clasp to avoid putting too much pressure on it, it maybe that I move it into the black pocket where my notes are.

My most used cards, my bank card and my Cineworld card are kept in the front card holders in the Malden to save excessive wear and tear on the plastic sleeves. It is relatively flimsy but considering it would have cost me over £10 to buy the Filofax ones to put in here I am happy.




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