The Reusable Post it note!

Someone, I can’t for the life of me remember who posted an ingenious idea on the Philofaxy facebook group a little while ago. There idea was for a reuseable shopping list that you could just rub off and reuse. Think of it. You just literally need one shopping list then instead of throwing it away and having to print out a new one or storing several you just used the one you had. What a great idea. It got me thinking with my recent post it notes. So to the unknown person, I salute you.

So my idea is basically the reusable sticky note. If you’ve not already done so check out my blog on how to make your own ones. But if you have a sticky note you really like, you’re running low on and you don’t think you’ll be able to re-buy it or you have a some nice paper you want to use whatever this is a great idea.

So what you need to do is select your sticky note or something similar. Cut it to size and laminate it. Then cut it out. You have your reusuable sticky note. I use Staedtler Permanent market I got from ebay. I got the fine, but if I was to repurchase I’d probably go for the superfine.

Next up I took my dashboard that slots between my week on two pages and got some double sided sticky tape. I stuck it to the back of the sticky note and then to the dashboard. Now it’s a permanent reusable sticky note. If you wanted something less permanent you could use blu-tack, paperclip, magnet – whatever you want.


It’s really cost effective – I had everything on hand as it was and so far I’ve used them multiple times. I really like using the green to do today sticky note. I find my long list of bullet to dos quite daunting. But picking a few out for a daily to do list that I can work on motivates me a lot more to complete my to do list. I then rub it out for tomorrow and repeat. Had I have had a regular sticky note I probably wouldn’t have used them because I hate wasting paper unnecessarily.

Now to remove the pen you can either use a rubber which leaves a residue on your post it or you can go straight for the nail varnish remover which will get rid of both the residue and the ink. Rubber is obviously better for on the go – and safer on your manicure.

My one tip would be to make sure you be careful when cutting out your post it note. I’ve noticed I’ve nicked the laminate seal on one of my post its. So when I use nail varnish remover  on it it soaks the paper. This isn’t that much of an issue but it is leaving a little bit of liquid damage everytime I clean it – and a bit of a mark. It’s not very noticeable but I imagine over time it will limit the life of my post it.

Now at the moment I carry three post it notes instead of a whole pack and just need to carry an extra pen and a rubber. I also don’t have to worry about constantly buying post it notes or reprinting my to do post its. It’s great. I recommend you give it a try.

Also I have since found out that the target to do sticky notes I really love aren’t that great at sticking…so those lucky enough to have them…why note laminate them and use some double sided sticky tape on them. They now are not only pretty but practical now.

In addition why not have some fun and take some images that you like and laminate them, they could be anything you would like. Here are some I’ve been working on for my 2016 diary.

Various images from Berlin, Munich, Vienna and London.

DIY Post it notes

I covert the beautiful target sticky note:

il_570xn-791194852_28uvI really wanted a sticky note that looked like that. A check list where you can actually tick things off. I tried and failed to find one I liked in the UK. I eventually gave up but remember seeing a video from Kent from Oz about Printing your own sticky notes.

The video is here:

So I watched it and came up with my own solution for how to do it, it’s very similar to Kent’s but I did do a few changes so I thought I’d share my version of it.

Firstly I do it in Publisher, it’s a program I use for all my inserts. I opened up a blank a4 portrait page. I took a ruler and measured the size of my sticky note. I then inserted a table the exact size as my sticky note. In this case it’s 7.5cm x 7.5cm. I put a black border around my table and I centred it to be in the middle of the screen. I ended up with this. very similar to Kent’s video.


This is where it changes slightly. I then created a new blank page and created another table exactly the same size and put it in the same position; only this time I didn’t put the black border around it. I then drew a design I wanted on my post it note.


I then lined up my sticky note onto the sheet I had printed out and experimented with my printer. If you have an up and over printer like I do then you’d like the paper in your tray with the sticky note face down with the sticky part facing closest to you. Then you print and voila you can a pretty printed sticky to do note without having to pay a fortune shipping them.

Now you can create as many on the page as you want as long as you position them in line with you template that is fine. I know this was a slightly more OCD way to do it – now I know my design is going to be dead centre. I hope you too can also get some beautiful sticky notes even if you don’t live near a target!

This is one I tried and ended up getting the sticky note the wrong way round!