A random English life is a blog dedicated to documenting events from my life. This page is a brief introduction about me.

Hello, my name is Emma, I’m in my mid-twenties and I live in Birmingham England. Birmingham is the second largest city (after London) in the United Kingdom and it lies in the middle of England…or as I like to think of it – the heart of England.

I have many interests which include writing snail mail letters, having a traditional paper planner, particularly a Filofax (ok so I don’t have just one…), and I am in love with History, just as well as I am a Historian! In addition, I have fallen out of love with traditional store bought products and I am searching for traditional skin and hair care products that do not contain any nasty chemicals that can cause more problems then they solve.

This blog was started on the 25th August 2015…there’s nothing special about that date. I have attempted to write blogs in the past and they’ve always failed – I think mostly because I focus on one topic, start on the 1st January and run out of ideas and steam and eventually give up. So far this blog has been my most successful to date and I am hoping I can keep the momentum going and turn it into a wonderful blog. So please stick around, read my latest post, comment, subscribe, leave (but only if you agree to come back again soon) and enjoy my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


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