Classic Pen Engineering

I just wanted to give a quick review of Classic Pen Engineering. I sent off three of my pens for repair. A Sheaffer Lady, A Haro which needed a new ink sac and a new glass nib, and a Kingswood.

Derrick was very professional and quick and my pens were well looked after and restored perfectly.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough so if you are looking for someone to look after your precious pens – I would really consider him!

Classic Pen Engineering




Help?!: How to remove mold smell from a Planner?

I have this pretty little Filofax, but I’ve tried to remove a strong mold smell from it without success?! Does anyone have any suggestions?

52 Week Card Challenge: Week 2

Part of the reason I sent this challenge to myself was to use stamps I wasn’t sure what to do with. This is Lawn Fawn’s dream stamp. I thought it was so pretty when I ordered it online, but when it turned up – I had no idea what to do with it. So I picked it for the second week of my challenge and I sat down and just had a play with it. I think it turned out ok.



I’ve just discovered an app called Bottled. It’s based on the concept of sending a message in a bottle out to see and seeing who gets it. It’s a virtual version of that. You write a message and send it in a virtual bottle and instantly you bottle washes up on someone’s beach. They can either keep or release the bottle back to the water, if it is released it ends up on someone else’s beach. If you keep the bottle you can contact that person on a whatsapp/facebook messenger type platform.

So far I am rather enjoying the random messages that wash up on my beach.

It makes me want to send out a real message in a bottle, but I guess with pollution and the uncertainty that no one may ever find the bottle – this is a good little app and cuts down the potential waiting time.

The Dangers of Air Guns and Pellets

I just wanted to share some of the trauma I have had over the past week. My beautiful, friendly, happy, cheeky cat named Charlie started feeling unwell. I took him to the vet who did an x-ray and discovered to my horror that he had been shot in the face by an air gun.

To any parent considering buying an airgun for a child, please consider the possible dangers that can occur. To any parent who has a child who purchased one without their consent please consider the risk your child poses with a gun. I do not know, and probably will never know if this was an accident or a deliberate attack on my cat – but to cause so much trauma and pain to a friendly, loving and trusting cat is sickening.

Currently, Charlie is on pain medication and antibiotics to reduce the infection. He will be assessed again soon to see if this has sorted the infection. Luckily the pellet is within the soft tissue, it managed to miss his brain and his nasal cavity and whilst very close to the eye seems not to have caused too much damage to it. For now, the plan is to hope medication can work to remove the infection and the pellet can stay in place without causing too much harm. An operation to remove the pellet is very long and has risks to it.  The following photos give some indication of the injury.

Below: The Pellet (the very white blob in the middle of his face) can clearly be seen.

Below: The bright white blob again visible on Charlie’s jawline. Showing how did the pellet has travelled.

Below: Some photos of Charlie in recovery. It’s amazing what a bit of painkiller can do. Although clearly still in pain and fighting an infection he is able to be a bit more comfortable now.

52 Week Card Challenge: Week 1

So I have a lot of card making stamps and I decided to set myself a challenge to use one every week this year in order to actually use them and to challenge myself to create something every week.

I’m a little behind in posting them but this was week 1.

Second-hand Pens with Initals

I picked up this pen off the Oxfam website for a very good price. I love the fact it has a history with someone else’s initals on…but I am a little sad it is a history I can’t access because I do not know what they stand for. So I would like to give the pen a motto with the initals, yet my brain cannot give me anything better than: ‘Remember, mind decisions’.

Can you come up with something? It doesn’t even have to be in English, I also speak a little German and I’m learning Gaelige. I also might be moving to Edinburgh for and people degree so Gàidhling is a possibility too.