Cineworld Unlimited Card

I can’t rave about this card enough. Today it seems the cinema is getting pricier and pricier. The other day I went with a friend who didn’t have an unlimited card and it cost them £8.90 to see a film – without sounding old, I remember the days when it was like £5 to see a film. Now quite often I find the cinema can be a bit hit or miss…I’ve been to many showings where other people have spoilt the experience for me, be it talking through the film, messing around, eating etc. Sometimes it can be a lot of money to go especially if you do not enjoy the experience or the film.

The thing I like about this card is that it’s about £16.90 for a month, so you only need to go twice a month and it’s paid for itself. It has been going up recently. I joined it when it was £16.40, but it is still good value for money. I like to go once or twice a week. If I am lucky I like to have a movie marathon and try to watch two or three in a day.

The card has also done wonders for my self confidence, but I am quite happy to just go to the cinema on my own and watch a film, and it seems a lot of people do do that with their cineworld cards. I love going to see films on my own. Often I use to miss films I wanted to see because no one wanted to go see them or we kept changing plans and missing the times to see the film. Now me and my card just go up to the cinema and get the next available showing. Sometimes as well when I am between meetings and don’t want to trial around the shops again, I just grab a movie.

Also if you recommend a friend you can get a month off. So if you are reading this and want a free month you can use my code here: RAF-44MC-05FL-42XA-12NB so as many movies as you can dare to watch and a month free?! What are you waiting for…



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