The Old Joint Stock

The Old Joint Stock is a fairly central pub located within the heart of Birmingham. It’s opposite St. Philip’s Cathedral and is about a five minute walk from the Bullring and Grand Central.

It was built in 1864 and was originally designed to be a library. It was later required by the Birmingham Joint Stock Bank, which was were the name of the pub comes from. When the Birmingham Joint Stock Company merged with Llyods Bank in 1889, the building then became a Lloyd’s bank.

It became a pub in 1997, it has a very impressive oval bar which is the focal point of the room. Despite being convert into a pub the building still retains a lot of traditional features and the building feels substitutional and traditional. It doesn’t feel like a modern overly glass and minimalist pub, that lacks a certain charm. This pub has charm in buckets.

The downside to this pub is that it is popular, which is great – but I’m not one for standing in busy grounded pubs. I have been a couple of time on a Saturday afternoon and it is busy but still comfortable enough to move and there is options to find tables.

I’ve not eaten here in a long time, so I cannot comment on the food. When I went several years ago to eat the food was very nice and reasonably priced. It felt less mass produced as some pubs, such as Sizzling pubs. However, pubs do change with different chefs so it is difficult to comment.

Since 2006 the pub has also being a theatre. I have yet to experience it, whenever I have looked nothing has really taken my fancy. I wish I could remember to look more so I could see if there is anything upcoming that I would like to go and see. You can find out about performances here.


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