Cloud Cloths


I’ve been using cotton pads for years but increasingly I’ve been thinking there must be a better product out there. I mean cotton pads are great for toner just add toner and wipe but they are rubbish for cream cleansers and don’t really work with getting the cleanser off, particularly without leaving cotton fluff behind.

Then I stumbled across Cloud Cloth, you can order them here. They are reusable cotton cloths that are designed to take your makeup off (all of it, not a scrap left!) and then you throw them in the washing machine and you have a clean cloth to repeat the process. You get three in a pack for ¬£6 which includes shipping – so that’s about one cloth for the price of a pack of cotton wool pads and these not only work better than the pads, they will last longer too with less wastage. An added bonus was the inclusion of a free hairband which can also double as a headband – Amazing – that cut down the hunt for a hairband that morning ūüôā

They have two sides, a rough side to exfoliate the skin and a softer side for gentle cleansing. This is where I think the product has a unique element Рtheir rough side is fantastic.  I recently had a skin reaction on my face which left me with some dry skin. One session of the rough side and my skin was radiant, flake-free and smooth again. In fact, it glowed. I also use the soft side of a fresh cloth to apply my toner and then follow up with a moisturiser. My skin is looking amazing of late! I would really recommend these cloths and I can see me ordering some more in the near future!

Removing makeup with only water!

Baby wipes are good. I’ve used them for years to remove my makeup but often I find the packet dries out before I finish them even though I store them upside down. I also find that they don’t always take my makeup off even if I use two three wipes and then can leave my face quite red afterwards too.

Then I heard about the magic eraser…the shockingly bright pink put me off it. I thought the price was a bit steep too…it was around ¬£10-15 for one cloth. Considering I would be able to save on buying baby wipes it wasn’t a bad price but for just a wash cloth I did think it was a bit pricey.

Then I found one on Ebay. Bonus it wasn’t pink and it was a bargin at ¬£1.09. I thought that was less than the cost of one bag of wipes and for that price if it didn’t work it wasn’t a big investment.

I can honestly I love this thing! It’s so gentle on the skin and with just water I can take off my makeup. Reuse it a couple of times and then throw it in the washing machine and let it dry and use it again. I am super impressed. My skin is also not red after using it.

It has two sides. The short side is for step one to remove the makeup. The longer side is gently exfoliate the skin and buff off any dull, dry flakey bits.

I use just water and the short side to remove my makeup and then use my cleanser to wash my face and the longer side to wash the cleanser off. My skin is left clean and feeling very refreshed without mascara running down my red face with panda eyes. Having known what I know now I would stump up he ¬£15 to buy one at full price. I won’t be buying anymore baby wipes!

La Parfumerie Anglaise

I’m not a big perfume fan. I have a few but I almost never wore them until I stumbled across this company. They do room fresheners and perfume. Andrew was the guy behind the counter and he explained that their perfumes are made with less alcohol – so their room refreshers last for a year, and they give a set of replacement sticks you switch over after six months. The perfume came in 10ml and 50ml sizes. The amazing thing was the price. My bottle of 50ml perfume set me back ¬£20. I went with Pomegranate which is modeled on another popular perfume from a different brand but with a much higher price tag. I will definitely¬†be getting another bottle or two in the future. I only just wish I could purchase some small sample sizes so I could try them out and find which ones I liked because at the time I didn’t write potential favourites down.


Sensationail Gel System

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this product. I’m currently loving it. But I’ll explain a little bit about why I don’t love it too.

For those that are unfamilar, although it’s been around for a while an I’m extremely late getting on the bandwagen here…Sensationail is a gel system that you can use at home. At the moment it costs about ¬£70…although they have been ¬£85 and ¬£45. I got mine for ¬£45, which I think was an introductory price. Anyway if you go to a salon and get your nails done you’re looking at about ¬£15-25 a time, depending on your location. So in comparison the initial layout for the product repays itself relatively quickly. The initial package you get is said to last for at least 10 manicures, so roughly that would cost you ¬£150 in salon visits. Sounds appealing.

A quick tutorial on how it actually works can be watched here:

I won’t bore you with a repetition on how I do it. I’ll just review it.

Now it claims to last for two weeks, I’ve never had a manicure last for that long. I had ten days, but by that point I had ingrowth and I was bored with the colour, so I messed around and peeled it off (it’s not as bad as it sounds…i’ll explain more later). But I normally get chips before then. You can save your manicure and redo some nails that get chips and extend it that way. I like the system. Regular nail polish on me would literally last an hour – so it’s a way to do my nails and have them last longer than an hour – which is a bonus.

Now the problem with why it doesn’t always last the 14 days, is mostly down for application (at least it is for me)…when my nails are longer and I can paint the free edge and cap it without a problem my nails last longer. Shorten nails I don’t cap as well and it can lead to chips. Also overloading your brush with product and letting it well into the base of your nail can also lead to early peeling. To get full coverage, apply more thin layers, not more product per layer.

Now getting this product off…I have to say is DIFFICULT. You sit with pure acetone on your nails and then scrap it off, and whilst it will eventually come off and I filled with dread at the thought of exposing my nails to acetone for that long. I use to just scrap them – which is actually damaging. Combining this with the face you have to do it ever 10 days or so. It’s damaging to your nails. I have grown my nails countless times only to have them break from this removal method.


However, it is a catch-22. My nails only get longer through the aid of Sensationail – I am less likely to bite and mess with my nails if they look pretty. So now to get around it I add an additional step. I dehydrate my nails with the cleanser, prep with primer, then add a base coat of a clear nail polish and let that dry. Once dry I then add the primer again and carry on with the base coat as normal. Now this will probably will chip sooner than just using the gel. But it saves with taking it off, so I really recommend it. I’ve also got 10 days out of it using this method – so it’s not such a big deal. Now my nails aren’t prone to breaking because I can just gently peel off the gel with the removal scraper. There is minimal damage to my nail – often none at all.

Another great tip….I can still use regular nail polish with it – as long as you sandwich it between the base and the top coat gel, you can paint your nails with your regular nail polish – just make sure you let the nail varnish dry properly before putting the clear top coat on.

The different colours are reasonable value too, at about ¬£15 a bottle. It works out about the same as a high end nail polish. Even if you just buy clear and buy cheaper nail polish you’ll still going to prolong your manicure.

It’s taken me a long period of trial and error to find a method I like…and I still can’t explain why sometimes my nails will last 10 days and others one before one of them peels off. But the quick top up and retouch on one nail throughout the 10 day period normally gets me through a fortnight with a nice manicure. The base coat of regular nail polish gets my changing up my colours very quickly without the dread of spending an evening with acetone and a scrapper.