And Then There Were None (5 Stars)

The BBC adaptation of the Best-selling crime novel of all time. Set in the 1930’s, Vera Claythorne (Maeve Dermody) is hired as a Secretary for a mysterious U.N. Owen for his home on Soldier Island. Once there she is surprised to discover that she is not the only one arriving at the home. There are 10 in total, just like the number of soldiers in a poem that appears in every room of the house. There is no sign of the mysterious U.N. Owen but after dinner on the first night a mysterious recording announces that they all stand accused of murder. 10 murderers appear in a mysterious house without a guest. Why were they bought there?

I love the beautiful period dramas and I thought the locational shots were fantastic. The story stays true to the original book, in a way to give true dedication to Agatha Christie, as the production was to mark the author’s 125th Birthday. The acting was supreme, the drama full of suspense and the ending was breath-taking, although slightly altered from the book for the screen. It is certainly worthy of the stop what you are doing and watch immediately, which is my rating for 5 stars. Thoroughly enjoyable.