My Return to Commerial Hair care

From my previous blog posts, I had documented my switch to No ‘Poo and trying natural alternatives to hair care, specifically ones that did not contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate which can be quite an irritant to the scalp and cause dryness and itching. I have experimented with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar but found it too harsh. I liked Rye Flour – I found it cleaned my hair very well but it was difficult to get out of the hair, made a terrible mess of the bath and found it to be very itchy after washing. I have also experimented with making my own soap and using that.

However, the whole experience left me disappointed. I would have often greasy, not very nice hair that would cause me to be self-conscious about. I got down to washing my hair once a week, which I liked the idea of and generally it did not look too bad if I put a little dry shampoo in and was religious about brushing my hair.

The biggest problem was, I missed the loveliness of my hair and how it feels when you wash with commercial shampoo. It feels softer and to be cleaner and healthier. I know there are people out there that will say it’s a lie and you have to use the conditioner to combat the damaging effects of the shampoo etc, but if traditional methods of washing things were so great, we’d still be washing our clothes with urine. So obviously some modern technology and washing methods are much more appealing to us than others.

I went back to commercial shampoo – I love the smells and the reliability of getting in the shower, having a comforting lather and KNOWING when I get out the shower I am going to have hair I feel confident with and not self-conscious about…

However, I am getting to the stage now where washing once a week is beginning to creep up to twice a week and soon that will go to every other day. I know the secret is to true and hold off washing it as long as possible, but there is no coming away from the fact that my scalp is now back to overproducing oils to compensate commercial haircare removing them.

I wish there was a happy medium between the two. The benefits of going no ‘poo but the luscious feeling of my hair when using commercial shampoo! But alas, as ever you can not have your cake and eat it.