Revenger’s Tragedy (1 Star)


I found this film weird, complicated and elements of it just left me puzzled. The film is based on¬†Thomas Middleton’s Jacobean play of the same name, written in 1607. The language of this film is true to the original play and is in Middle English. Yet the film itself is set in a modern day if not slightly futuristic setting, which I didn’t think complimented the film at all. There was elements of the film that just didn’t seem to flow or make sense because they were difficult to interpret with the opposing modern vs. traditional spheres of the film. I felt I had to work to hard to understand the film and in doing so elements of the film were very much lost in translation. It was a fair attempt but I think it needed to be either modernised entirely or kept completely traditional.

Carol (1 Star)


Carol (Cath¬†Blanchett) is an attractive and well off 1950s woman in the middle of a divorce from her husband (Kyle Chandler). Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) is a working class girl living on her own in a modest appartment with an uninspiring job in a Children’s store. She dreams of being a photographer, but lacks professional equipment and confidence. Therese’s boyfriend dreams of marrying her and sailing off to Europe, a dream Therese does not share. A chance encounter with Carol whilst she is buying a Christmas gift for her daughter sparks changes for the two women.

This film looked interesting from the advert, and I was not overly excited to watch it, but interested nonetheless. However, the film was just dull. I found Mara to be wooden and unconvincing and just boring to watch. Blanchett is an amazing and talented actress but even she failed to pull off a convincing seduction of Mara and the on screen chemistry between the two with absent throughout. The film just meanders aimlessly from beginning to end and doesn’t inspire you to want to sit until the end.