Planner Stamps (UK Guide)

There are some people who use a planner to be functional, and that’s fine. After all a planner is meant as a tool to help people be more organised. However there are people out there who like their planners to be functional and have a bit of fun with them – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I am somewhere in between. I like having a bit of prettiness but I also like my planner to be functional. I’m not really a sticker person but I like washi tape – which I use to strengthen my paper where I punch it and then I couldn’t resist some horizontal tape at the bottom for decoration.

I came across a facebook group dedicated to planner stamping. I really wanted them but as most companies that produce the stamps are in America – shipping can be expensive. Another problem I have found is that because the companies are smaller scale – they tend not to hold too many items, so things can get out of stock pretty quickly. Thus trying to figure out what you want from the shop – and get it all in one go to pay one lot of shipping can be expensive.

First up, let’s talk ink. If you’re using it in your planner the best ink to use is a chalk ink. Chalk ink will sit on the paper, whereas pigment ink will soak through, therefore pigment ink is likely to leave an impression on next week’s page. I like Versa Magic Dew Drop Inks, and it’s a pretty good one for stamping. However I am not a fan of their black ink, called midnight black – I find it really hard to get a crisp clear image with it. I find I have to stamp a couple of times on to scrap paper, to ink up the stamp before actually using it in the planner; even then it is a bit hit or miss. I think once it runs out I will try the Versafine black ink instead.

These inks are pretty easy to find in the UK – I was going to buy them from Amazon originally, but you had to spend a minimum of £20, for some reason it wouldn’t let me have the orange one because it wouldn’t ship it to my address – even though it would ship all the others. So I decided to order from Craftasmic. Shipping was very good as they are based in the UK.

Planner stamps were harder because I really liked some of the American designs and I found a couple of shops in the UK, but not everyone would sell all the ones I wanted. I thought I had found a solution with Scrobby which sold Studio L2E Stamps and Sweet Stamp Shop. I thought it was fantastic – I only want one stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop, and It was just not worth shipping one from America. I thought I could order from Scrobby and have all the sets I wanted. The only problem was that Scrobby didn’t have all the ones I wanted in stock either. I emailed one of the people who works from Scrobby and asked if I could place an order for what I wanted – even if it wasn’t it stock and just wait for the order. My order would have qualified for free shipping and I thought great, the reply came back and said it wouldn’t be a problem they were happy to do it. However, they later came back and said they were no longer stocking Studio L2E Stamps as they were so difficult to get a hold of. Next up I tried Stempelmeer, but sadly they did not stock Studio L2E either.

I took another look at Studio L2E and as luck would have it – all the stamps I wanted were in stock so I decided to go from there and pay the shipping. It did mean I lost out of the one Sweet Stamp Shop stamp that I wanted :(. If you have you heart set on a particular brand of stamps – like I did then you may have to just buy direct form the company.


This is a photograph of my modest stamp collection. I wish there was a way to custom order which stamps you wanted. I would have probably ordered one set then, which wouldn’t have been as profitable for the company.

However since ordering my stamps I have come across some great alternatives within the UK. The Home MakeryMy Mum’s Craftshop and Waltzing Mouse Stamps all have some lovely planner stamps.