Pen love: Bic Four Way Pens

I have a limited amount of space in a personal filofax, so one way I can maximise the effectiveness of my planner is to use different colours to mark out different things. That way if i want a particular set of information across my week (say what I ate) I can just focus on that one colour. I’m not really too¬†precious on it though. It can be quite difficult though to have a colour coding system and then having to lug around a ton of pens wherever you go – just in case you need one. Bic four way pens are a great alternative, because it is just one pen…but allows you the opportunity to have four different colours.image


When I got my Faber Castell pen and put Turquoise ink in it…I discovered it was exactly the same colour as the turquoise in my green BIC fashion pen (It has four colours: Purple, Pink, Light Green and Turquoise). I was left with a bit of decision making to do. I really liked the idea of using the Petrol Faber Castell pen in my main planner (my personal one) but I also use the fashion pen in my planner. Which meant I would be without a black pen but carrying around two pens of the same colour.

What I love about the BIC pens is that you can actually pop out the pen cartridge…in a similar to the Coleto pen. I’ve never used a Coleto pen but they seem to look really thick, which has put me off trying them. What I ended up doing was taking all eight of the inks out of my two BIC Pens and rearranging them. Three of the colours from the fashion pens (Purple, Pink and Light Green) were rehoused into the blue barrel pen, along with a black ink. The Green Barrel ended up with Red, Blue, Turquoise and Green. I really like this set up. Now I can get my Petrol Blue Faber Castell pen with my blue BIC pen. Then my Green Faber Castell pen can have the green BIC pen as a partner. That way I get 5 colours in two pens.

I don’t actually rate this pen on the whole for length writing. I just find it too big and chunky and as it doesn’t have a grip or a triangular body like the Faber Castell pen, it find it more difficult to write with. I prefer it for short sharp bursts of writing. That being said, they have also come out with a mini version of the BIC pen, which I have only seen available in the tradition blue version (which comes with Red, Blue, Black and Green inks). I find the mini pen much easier to write with. It also is the perfect size for the Mini Malden – however the pen loop is much to small to accommodate the pen which is annoying.

I managed to pick up the BIC blue versions in Mini and Regular size for the bargain price of £1 each at Wilkos the other week. WH Smith normally have a 3 for 2 on these types of pens too, particularly around September time when the schools are going back.