2016: Week 1 (My week in my Filofax)

I love seeing other people’s weekly spreads, they are often beautifully decorated and look fabulous BUT lately I’ve also seen people either worried that they’ve messed up or don’t want to use their planner because they are worried about spoiling the pretty layout. There are even a few people that feel self conscious that their pages aren’t as pretty as everyone else’s pages. So I have decided I am going to post my weekly spread every week. However, this is going to be a celebration of the alternative – they are not going to be that pretty they are not going to take my hours to do. In these photos you are not going to see tons of washi tape, nor will you see lots of stickers. There will be stamping but probably only in one colour: Black. And as the weeks progress you will more than likely see scribbling out and mistakes (probably of the spelling variety).

Why am I doing this? To show that you can have a planner that is simple, with a little functional decoration – maybe even just some decoration for the hell of it. It will be more of a celebration of the simple, ordinary and the functional and importantly it won’t cost the earth to produce my pages. Will you get planner envy from it? Probably not. Will it be the prettiest layout you’ve ever seen? No. Will it be a way to show you that you don’t have to spend a ton of money, clutter up your house with a ton of stamps and planner accessory stuff to get a weekly layout? Absolutely yes.

So without further delay; last week’s layout:


I chipped a bit of my Stanley blade so you may or may not see that the cutting line is a bit jagged, the cat ran across my page when it was out of the rings and crumpled it. The tick boxes and the water bottles are wonky and not perfect, but my handwriting doesn’t look too shabby!


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