Filofax: Which hole punch?

People tend to ask for advice as to which is the best hole punch to get and I thought I’d share my input on which hole punch I use and like.

I have a KW-trio hole punch. It’s a very good quality hole punch made of metal and importantly it is adjustable. I love that because it means I can punch A5 to mini and EVERYTHING in between  with just one hole punch. I don’t need another one as it covers all my needs.


This has a set of six metal punches which cut 7mm holes extremely smoothly. There is a pull out guide which is useful for punching a5 size and unlike the Rapesco punch it will punch a5 in one go without having to flip and turn the page, although I bought mine off Ebay and it is more money than I’ve seen some shops sell the Rapesco.

I do have a couple of downsides to this punch, I would love for the guides for ages smaller than a5 to have been a little more clearer – either to have been put on the base or have a little pull out, push in guide built it. I also wish that the holes were a tab smaller and punches 5mm holes. I solve the problem of line guides by putting a bit of washi tape down when I go to punch and it helps to line the pages up.


At £25 it is quite expensive for a hole punch, but I only need one to suit all my hole punching needs which means I only had to buy one and not multiple hole punches, which also saves on clutter.

It also works a lot better than my previous hole punch which I bought years ago. This was the little plastic filofax own ones – which are designed for like on the go hole punching. These are really not worth buying, even if you think you’ll just use it for on the go punching. They are plastic so they do not punch a clean hole into the paper and often crease it whilst trying to punch it. I just do not rate them at all so would really suggest not wasting your money on them.



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