So for 2016 I have decided I would like to keep a Journal. I tried to keep one last year but it is electronic and me and the software did not get along! Long story short, I got frustrated and stopped.

This year I am doing it on paper so hopefully it’ll be a little easier. Since I already plan to carry my personal Filofax wherever I go, I figured it would be ideal for me to slip a couple of blank pages in there and write. Over time I would transfer these to a stay at home Filofax so my main one doesn’t get too cluttered.

I came across a Journalling Challenge on the Quo Vardis blog. The aim is to simple do a page a day in a journal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full written page but a photo or a quote, just some way of capturing the day. There is also a Facebook community with other people taking up the challenge. (Update (01/02/2016: I have since discovered that the group is for only those who have bought a Quo Vardis product to journal in, rather than than supporting anyone just wanted to journal. So I am on the hunt for a new group and have removed the links).

Whilst discovering this challenge I read two great things on the Quo Vardis blog. The first is how people often get anxiety about writing in a blank book. They say that the find the blank book perfect and by somehow writing in it with your less than perfect handwriting, you somehow ruin the perfectness of the book. The blog explains that this is a misconception, the book rather than being perfect for being empty, is inperfect or flawed because it is empty and unfilled. Each empty page marks a wasted documented day or a page unfulfilled.

The second is the idea of a minute book. Keeping the book close to hand and jotting down anything that inspires you to write, whatever it is. It doesn’t even have to be a full expression or story, it could simply be a quote or an observation.

I quite like both ideas. I have always been a person too scared to use an empty note book for fear of ruining it. That’s why I like a Filofax, if it is really bad I can simply remove it, but lately I have been embracing the imperfect nature of things and knowing that it is ok for thing to be imperfect…because everything is imperfect…it doesn’t mean that it is any less beautiful.

Today is day one and I feel inspired and excited to embrace it.


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