Design your dream planner?

Van der Spek has launched a competition to design your dream planner. They will pick their favourite design and you’ll get to win your creation!

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? I couldn’t resist drawing my own design and submitting it. You can see my design below. For me being able to flip through my pages and have a third section on view to be able to write was important.

I made a slight mistake in my design – the notepad on the closed view should be the other side of the ringed pages.


You can check out other entries as well as the rules for entering here.

Why not have a go yourself? You have until the 13th February to design and submit your entry. Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day – for the lucky person to be united with their dream companion!

Good luck and have some fun designing!

2 Replies to “Design your dream planner?”

  1. I love to see other people’s thoughts and ideas, but my imagination and patience is none too good. I hope you win Emma!!


    1. It’s about evaluating the planners you have now and what parts you like/dislike and how you’d like to improve them. For me I’m not a big fan of closures. So the clasp can go. Pen loops I can live without etc. How do you use your filofax – how can you improve it and then looking at other people’s ideas and see how they have designed them. Also about having fun for 30 minutes with a piece of paper and a pencil.


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