My Filofaxes: Vintage Planner (Filofax alternative)


This is a planner that just makes me smile. I think it is sooo beautiful. I got it off Amazon for about £38, which puts it at a little bit cheaper than the Malden I bought because I didn’t pay full price for it.

It feels amazing quality and it has received a couple of fine scratches to it since being with me for about nine months, but they are hardly notable and they give a lovely charm to it makes it feel more vintage and old.

The planner itself is a extremely floppy, it makes the malden look like the most structured thing imaginable. It’s a very simple layout, it’s just one piece of leather than folds around and is made up of thirds. The rings are riveted in so you can’t change them out, but they arrived in perfect condition. They are also compatible with filofax personal inserts and require no additional punching for the inserts. There are not pockets or anything in this planner. It’s very simple.


The show stopper to this planner though is the clasp. It’s beautiful, I had a hard time deciding whether to go with the butterfly of the vintage vase. I decided to go with the vintage vase…but in my mind I can kind of see the vintage vase but because I normally has the planner portrait ones I don’t really associate the design as being a vase.  It gives it a wonderful 1910 feel to the planner.


There are a couple of draw backs to this planner – I originally was using it as my main planner until I got my Original. I noticed it didn’t really like having a heavy duty dashboard in it from my personal vintage jack. It also doesn’t cope too well with tabbed dividers as it needs to fold over and there just is not enough space for the tabs.

The paper that comes with it is amazing quality. It’s a brown rustic feel that compliments the planner well. It cane with a choice of lined or plain. I went for lined but I should have picked the plain. I feel the lines on the lined paper are just too big.


This planner currently holds my beauty recipes from my cuticle oil to my soap.



Questions about this planner:

What ring size does it have? I measured within an inexact method of a ruler, I don’t have a fancy tool like Steve from Philofaxy. It’s 21mm inside about 24mm on the outside.


4 responses to “My Filofaxes: Vintage Planner (Filofax alternative)

  • caendicott

    Can you bend the cover back like a spiral notebook (just not all the way)? I have a personal size and am looking for one with a more flexible cover.


  • Donna

    This is beautiful. You could use top tabs on your dividers instead of ones at the side – that would allow you to close the planner without bending the tabs.


    • Emma

      Yes you could. For what is in this binder I don’t need to make dividers for it so I like it as it is. I was only stating that if people read this blog and were interested in it – only to then find you can’t have sidetabs it in.


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