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Turmeric Face Mask

I’ve been reading a couple of blog posts over the past couple of months about the benefits of Turmeric. It is said to help with acne, acne scarring, sebum regulation for oily skin, wrinkles, tired skin as well as many other things.

Lately my skin has been looking tired and has quite a few spots and acne scars on it. It’s made me feel a little more self conscious of late. So when I came across an idea of a Tumeric mask I decided it would be something I would like to have a go at. I did my own version of it so this blog is going to explain my recipe.


  • 2 tsp Oats
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp Milk


  1. Firstly, you’ll need to grind up some Oats. I find the quickest way to do this is in a Magic Bullet blender. I love how it can get it so fine. I normally whack a couple of tablespoons into it and grind up quite a bit at a time, because I store this and use it everyday as my cleanser.
  2. Next you want to take roughly 1 part turmeric to an 8 parts Oats. Turmeric is bright yellow and is used for dying things. It will stain if you are not careful so it’s best to dilute it down with oats. I usually put this into a small jam jar and screw the lid on so I can give it a shake and make sure it’s fully incorporated.
  3. Next, add the milk. You want it to be quite a thick consistency, almost like thick yoghurt. The runnier the mixture the more likely it is to run off and stain clothing, work surfaces etc. So add the milk in a 1/4 tsp at a time to find a consistency you are happy with.
  4. Next put it on your face. Now if you have a manicure on, there are chances it will stain the manicure. So you can either wear disposable gloves or do what I do. I like to use a foundation brush to apply it to my face. Although it will stain the brush so if you are not happy about that you could always take a cotton ball, wet it so it is damp and dip it into the mixture, making sure that it is not overloaded with the mixture and swipes it on your face. Continue until you’ve used all the mixture up. Bare in mind that this isn’t the nicest smelling face mask in the world. If you wanted to you could add a drop or two of an essential oil. Tree tea or Lavender would work well.
  5. Set a timer for 20 minutes. I like to quickly clean the sink or the pot the mask was in to avoid staining and then I spend the rest of the time having a bit of a relax. During the 20 minutes the mask will start to harden and you will feel a pulling, tightening sensation. Do not leave the mask on longer than 20 minutes. The longer the mask is left on the more staining you are likely to incur on your skin.
  6. Now it’s time to wash it off. I recommend either a cleansing wipe or some toner on a cotton pad to begin with. The idea is just to get as much of the mask off as possible. Once it’s off, get a blob of your cleanser and wash your face really well. Take a muslin cloth or a flannel you don’t mind potentially staining and dip in warm water and give your face a good but gentle going over with the cloth. Have a look at your face and make sure you’ve got the mask off thoroughly. A little hint of yellow is ok and will barely be noticeable, you just have to be careful not to really stain your face. Don’t overly worry though, whenever I do this I have no staining at all.
  7. Follow up with a moisturiser of your choice.


I really like this mask. My skin feels smooth, softer, tighter and looks brighter. My skin looks more awake and has a healthier look to it. It is one of the best face masks I have used. Just the tumeric stains my wash clothes like crazy. I am not too bothered because they are old, I just wish I could get the benefits of tumeric without the staining. I suggest not using this mask more than once a week. The powder mixture without the milk is good to be stored in a bathroom cabinet until the best before dates of your products.