Virgin Red

virgin red

I have to talk about this app…

Recently Virgin Media came to our area and we’ve gone a little Virgin Crazy, we have Virgin Internet, Virgin Media and we got an incredibly good deal on Virgin Mobiles (which came with a free tablet, no excuse not to be blogging now is there?). Their deals were fantastic. Another added bonus was their Virgin Red app.

Virgin Red is an app that does easy quiz, this or that or a photo upload section – they have a theme recently to current events. The cool thing is – every time you do a quiz or something you get points. Points get you to unlock vaults – vaults give you access to cool stuff – from 2 for 1 deals to competitions to win things.

I’ve been on for a month and I’ve already won a pair of sunglasses and a tub of ice cream. It’s a cool app.

Use my referral code of ORGDV0 to get an extra 50 points.


La Parfumerie Anglaise

I’m not a big perfume fan. I have a few but I almost never wore them until I stumbled across this company. They do room fresheners and perfume. Andrew was the guy behind the counter and he explained that their perfumes are made with less alcohol – so their room refreshers last for a year, and they give a set of replacement sticks you switch over after six months. The perfume came in 10ml and 50ml sizes. The amazing thing was the price. My bottle of 50ml perfume set me back £20. I went with Pomegranate which is modeled on another popular perfume from a different brand but with a much higher price tag. I will definitely be getting another bottle or two in the future. I only just wish I could purchase some small sample sizes so I could try them out and find which ones I liked because at the time I didn’t write potential favourites down.


Starting University and need to think about Planners?

I’ve written before about helpful advice on getting started with University and what sort of things you can use your planners for but as it is approaching the start of the academic year I thought I would put some blog posts here for you to consult.

All Stars 2016: Using a Filofax for your Academic studies

My Filofaxes: A5 Dark Aqua Original (My University and language set up)

Planners I’m currently using


Planners I’m currently using

So I’ve had a slight change of planners. Nothing really major but I thought I’d share. I am currently using two planners. An A5 and an A6.


I’ve recently switched my A5 planner from a clipbook to my A5 Dark Aqua Original. This planner holds my dissertation research for my research. It’s fairly simple. I have the blue and green dividers that come with the planner. The sections are as follows:

  1. To do list with Filofax to do pages. Mostly to use them up. I wouldn’t rebuy them.
  2. Reading list. Simple list of books I need to read, written on clipbook grid paper. I like the paper but it is not really fountain paper friendly so I wouldn’t repurchase.
  3. Primary material list. Like the reading list but for primary material I’d like to consult. Also on clipbook grid paper.
  4. Research questions and chapter breakdown. Again on clipbook grid paper.
  5. Reading notes. Written on Filofax paper, it’s not the best paper in the world and it’s not fountain pen friendly but I have a ton of it and I’m using it up.
  6. Lots of spare paper of different colours.

Pen: Handmade Asa pen with Waterman blue ink.


For the six months of Autumn and Winter I am switching to my Van der Spek Light Brown touch me. This is the original touch me line so only has one pen loop.

I keep my planner fairly simple. I have no dividers but my layout is as follows:

  • Plastic divider pocket. I bought these on Ebay and punched them myself. This contains dashboards. I love using postcards, I get a lot from Nicole my pen pal and I loved them. She knows my likes so I get lots of blues, sailing related postcards and the Ampelmännchen 🙂
  • My contact details. This is laminated.
  • Addresses. I have just one page of addresses. It’s not in alphabetical order. It’s just my most used addresses and to save space they are just on one sheet. This is not laminated because my boyfriend is in the Navy and his address recently changed so I knew I’d have to redo it. I will probably update and laminate soon.
  • Birthdays. Also not laminated but will be soon. It’s on one sheet of A6.
  • Current month. This is a month over two sides of A6. It contains each day and birthdays and appointments written in. Birthdays are written in blue ink and appointments in Black.
  • Daily pages. I use a day on two pages for journaling, to do lists and appointments. I like to use a different ink and fountain pen each month.
  • Future months. I only keep one month of dailies in my planner.
  • Page for future dates if I don’t have the right monthlies.
  • Spare pages for journaling.
  • Gifts ideas page.
  • Fitbit badges tracker.
  • Spare grid paper.

Pens: A mechanical pencil, an Ampelmännchen pen ❤ (Thanks Nicole!), various fountain pens stored in a leather pouch in the back pocket – inks: black, ancient copper and ink of the month.

Film Reviews: An Update

This blog was started in part to review films. It was originally an idea to keep encouraging me to write posts – after all, I watch a lot of films and so naturally could fill a blog with reviews. However, this is not really me. I watch a lot of films and I just don’t have the time to watch them and blog about them, so I am ending this section of my blog. I am removing the film ratings from my sidebar and putting them here instead. I may write the occasional post if I feel a film really needs one – but it will no longer be a regular feature.

Film Ratings

5 Stars: Stop what you’re doing – watch immediately.

4 Stars: Very Good, you should try and catch it.

3 Stars: Good but a bit hit or miss.

2 Stars: Poor, not one to rush to see.

1 Star: Awful, step away from the DVD case.

0 Stars: I wasted two hours of my life and I’ll never get them back!

Furoshiki – Japanese Wrapping Cloth

Yes I’m Emma Roberts, no I’m not THAT Emma Roberts

This is something I find really funny. My name is Emma Roberts, which is also a name of an actress who is the niece of Julia Roberts. Occasionally, people will bring it up that it is funny I share a name with Emma Roberts, or they add me or comment on Social Media that they love my films – at which point I am like eh? and then I remember that there is THAT Emma Roberts – the movie star and I have to inform them that yes I am Emma Roberts but no I am not THAT Emma Roberts. Here are some facts about my name:

Prevalence of Emma in the world:

  • Ranked number 1 in the United States, Canada, Belguim, Norway,
  • Ranked top 10 in Austria, Catalonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland
  • Ranked number 19 in Scotland
  • Ranked number 20 in Northern Ireland
  • Ranked number 60 in England and Wales

Most Common Surnames in the UK

  • Ranked number 10 in the UK
  • Ranked number 42 in the United States

So my first name is very common and my Surname is fairly common too. So the chances are Emma Roberts is also quite a popular name – and judging by Facebook and the fact people add me and find out I am the wrong Emma quite often; or they cannot find me because there are too many people with my name.

It just makes me laugh that people think I am THE Emma Roberts. Does anyone else have a name they share with someone famous and get mistaken for them all the time? Do you find it funny? Are you an Emma Roberts?