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52 Week Card Challenge Week 1

So I have a lot of card making stamps and I decided to set myself a challenge to use one every week this year in order to actually use them and to challenge myself to create something every week.

I’m a little behind in posting them but this was week 1.


Second-hand Pens with Initals

I picked up this pen off the Oxfam website for a very good price. I love the fact it has a history with someone else’s initals on…but I am a little sad it is a history I can’t access because I do not know what they stand for. So I would like to give the pen a motto with the initals, yet my brain cannot give me anything better than: ‘Remember, mind decisions’.

Can you come up with something? It doesn’t even have to be in English, I also speak a little German and I’m learning Gaelige. I also might be moving to Edinburgh for and people degree so Gàidhling is a possibility too.

Design your dream planner?

Van der Spek has launched a competition to design your dream planner. They will pick their favourite design and you’ll get to win your creation!

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? I couldn’t resist drawing my own design and submitting it. You can see my design below. For me being able to flip through my pages and have a third section on view to be able to write was important.

I made a slight mistake in my design – the notepad on the closed view should be the other side of the ringed pages.


You can check out other entries as well as the rules for entering here.

Why not have a go yourself? You have until the 13th February to design and submit your entry. Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day – for the lucky person to be united with their dream companion!

Good luck and have some fun designing!

Shock planning update

Where did the rings go? 😉

Requests for Posts?

Occasionally I get emails with questions – mostly relating to making inserts. If there is a specific tutorial you would like for making inserts or any content you would particularly like to see then please either email me at – there’s a hyperlink to the right which you can click to email me rather than copy and pasting or leave a comment below on this blog! I will try my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

Rock your World

I made a suggestion to Virgin Red that they missed a great opportunity for a code for #VRROCKYOURWORLD and they made it into a code for me. Love it!

Extra Pen Loop Hack

Just wanted to share this super quick extra Pen Loop tip. I like the idea of the Leuchttrum sticky pen loops but I’m far too much of a coward to stick it onto anything in case it ends up wrecking whatever I put on it. Instead I had some leather headphone loop holders lying around and thought they’d make a great extra Pen Loop.

You can attach it to one of your pens and loop it over the one in your pen loop like so:

Mine however is put on a spare hole…this is a pocket sized zipped pocket that fits well in an A6 but have have a spare hole.

I just clicked the headphone holder to it and my pen fits in it through the rings.