Stationery Idea: Washi Tape Stationery

I have a very small collection of Washi tape that I use to use to decorate my planner with. However this year, with my paper being good quality I don’t really need Washi tape to reinforce the holes. So I am left with Washi tape that is not being used. The tape itself is pretty so it’s a shame to waste it. A great option is to use it to decorate some plain paper and envelopes. This is a great way to have pretty stationery without sending a lot on stationery sets.




2 Replies to “Stationery Idea: Washi Tape Stationery”

  1. I’ve taken an idea from Rhomany’s Realm, and use my washi for indexing purposes. For example any green based design denotes money/financial, orange for ‘home’ trackers or lists, blue for admin or reference, and pink for personal. I still get my washi fix, but they serve a purpose. If I need to reinforce the ring holes, its usually just transparent tape.


    1. I’ve seen also people do this too -it looks pretty but I don’t have the time to sit and washi all my pages when I don’t think it’ll be that helpful. I have an A-Z index which directs me to my pages quickly and things like my finance page and my journal have rulers for super fast access to get to them. I don’t think washi taping the finance pages before it will aid me in getting to it more quickly.


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