Creed (2 1/2 Stars)

Ever had Film deja vu? Well you’ll experience it with this one. Creed is a spin off of the Rocky series franchise, which began in 1976. Obviously this film is a little different because instead of Rocky being the lead Boxer in this film, Adonis Johnson takes the lead. Adnois is the son of one of Rocky’s greatest opponent and best friend, Apollo Creed. Rocky instead after reluctance becomes Johnson’s manager and trainer. Together the two overcome challenges in each other’s lives as they head to the biggest fight of Johnson’s career.

The film goes through the same Rocky formula, there are set backs, let downs, challenges and drama but you know that in the end no matter what has gone on in the film a victory will occur.

Whilst I found the film entertaining and there is just something about the steps and the music that gets you really motivated to enjoy this film, it isn’t anything new.


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