Filofax: To Daily or not to Daily?!

I have talked before about my weekly layout with a square grid sheet of paper which is my current setup. Since writing my blog about my perfect layout I have seen this layout more and more and it is even for sale now – something that I didn’t see before I decided to make it.

However, for the past month since I have been doing my Page-Per-Day journalling challenge and I have been really drawn to the Franklin Covey Daytimer inserts, particularly the seasonal ones. They are really pretty and I really like the look of them.

Yet, I do have some reservations about them. Firstly they are American dated, so will have all the American holidays on them. I guess this isn’t too much of a big deal, but I would prefer it to be free of holidays.

Next, they are slightly bigger than filofax inserts, which means with dividers on them they stick out in a filofax, meaning the dividers will get bent, again not really too much of a big deal but I don’t know if it would annoy me.

I am also left handed, which is why I have my graph on the left hand side. This allows me to use the most use page, my graph paper, on a side where I am not leaning on or battling with rings. Ideally, if I was using these inserts I would like my writing side to be on the left. I could take them out and write and them put them back in afterwards, but would that just be obstacle to getting me to jot down quick quotes or something I like?! I feature I do love about the day on two pages is the bullet journal style margin where you can mark things with a code.

Finally, would I actually use a day or two pages?! I mean sure I would use the writing section, or a least hope to use it and this year would give me lots of practise to focus on writing everyday, so by next year when I buy them I will at least be using that side. Would I use the other half of the page though? I mean after all I only use a week on one page which does me fine. Would I just be carrying around a load of paper I won’t be using efficiently?

Perhaps, if I started using them I would find them even better than the week on one page I have now and would end up using the section to time journal my day. I could also really track more things and could even maybe use the time section to see how I am using my time and whether I could train myself to use me time more efficiently.

I suppose the solution to all of this would be to make inserts that are like the Frankin Covey inserts, but are tailored to exactly how I want them, but then there is the added hassle of having to print out seven times the volume of what I printed out before, which I guess if I am organised and do a bit each week in preparation for the new year would not be too difficult.

Decisions are hard!


2 responses to “Filofax: To Daily or not to Daily?!

  • Kristy as Giftie Etcetera

    I’m a lefty, too.

    I use daily pages only sometimes, when I need extra space. It’s a decent compromise.


    • Emma

      I really like the idea of keeping my journal and my schedule together. At the moment they are in the same planner but in different spaces. So I think I’ve finally decided on a great way that will allow me my bullet journal, calender, journal (with the option to write more than a page in a wanted to).

      My system for this year still works great but I’d really like to give this one a go too.


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