Spotlight (4 1/2 Stars)

‘They knew and they let it happen’

A long anticipated film for me did not disappoint. Spotlight is based on Spotlight team at the Boston Globe, who won the 2003 Pulitzer prize for their series of articles uncovering the child abuse scandal perpetrated by priests within the Catholic Church.

The cast perform beautifully together in this drama that has punch. It is gritty, realistic. The touches that highlight the hand shake and turn the other cheek to avoid rocking the boat atmosphere is nicely done. The film is also very appropriate, touching on a highly sensitive subject in a dignified way. As Sacha (Rachel McAdams) says in the film, Spotlight told this story, but importantly told it right.

By the end of the film my blood ran cold as the impact on the abuse and how it superseded not only Boston, but America as well was well executed.

This film deserves every one of it’s six Oscar and three BAFTA nominations.


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