The Big Short (5 Stars)


This film is portrayed as a comedy. In a way it is also a refashioning of the age old story of the underdog David rising up and beating the giant Goliath. Only there isn’t just one David and there isn’t just one Goliath.

The Big Short tells the story of how four groups of people see a housing bauble forming within the really stable housing/morgage market in America. Using slap stick humour and funny little scene drops of people to explain complicated banking the myserty of the housing market is explained and it seems all but obvious that financial meltdown is all but imminent. These bankers don’t cry out that the system is going to break, protect citizens, they bet against it. To make themselves money.

We know the outcome of the story already because people have lived and experienced it. People sold morgages they cannot pay default on their mortgage. The whole system collapses and the banks go into financial meltdown, but the banks have been proping up the housing market with fraud. Buying for ratings that do not reflect the real risk of the venture and funding cut backs and stupid laws prevent banks from being checked. Fraud goes unchecked and unpoliced.

The four groups who predicted it get their financial payout, but it’s not a happy ending. Yes they are rich, but what about everybody else. The homeowners who wanted their slice of the American dream and the workers who were not culpable for the financial crisis. They are left without jobs and without homes. There was some shocking realisations in this film.

I think the film is brilliant for its clever and witty portrayal of the financial crisis and helps to really explain it to the audience. I hate it though, because the true realisations of the film will leave you scathing with anger. I am so angry right now. I am angry about the financial crisis but even more angry that the Bastards that did it got away scot-free received government bailouts and carrying on doing what they are doing. They worker, the homeowner didn’t just get screwed over once, but bailing out the banks so they could keep on doing what they were doing was kicking a person repeatedly after you’d already knocked them out.

I am sickened.


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