Snow White and the Huntsman (3 1/2 Stars)


Another Gebruder Grimm, this time a retelling of Snow White. The thing I loved about this one is that I think it is a much more realistic story. Gone is the 1930s housewife Snow White of the Disney cartoon franchise. This is much more medieval in approach and is grittier. Even the true love has a dark past and a darker more ruggish character. Honestly this film deserved more than 3 1/2 stars, but sadly I took a full star off because of the leading lady…Kristen Stewart.

The cinematography was great, the sweeping background to the film was beautiful. The costumes were stunning. I particularly loved the Evil Queen Ravenna’s (Charlize Theron) gold dress. It was exquisite. The acting was great…apart from Kristen Stewart. She cannot act, she looks mostly dull and boring and disinterested – which is interestingly the same character she plays on the red carpet as well. It spoilt the whole film. There has been rumour that there will be a prequel to this film, one without Kristen Stewart in and I very much look forward to watching that because I think it will be even better.


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