In the Heart of the Sea (3 Stars)


I am being very generous with the three stars for this film, whilst I think it is a good film I have one overwhelming gripe with it.

The backing sound track was much too loud, all too often there would be music or waves and it made it incredibly difficult to hear the dialogue. I know this is a film set a sea and yes there were times there was a storm and it would have been incredibly difficult to hear, so I accept that it may have been necessary. Yet, there were times when for no logical reason the background music was jus too loud and I missed passages of dialogue. I would have given it two and half stars because of the annoyance. However, I thought it was a little unfair, had the backing music being better this film would of been a 4 star film. The music just spoilt this film for me and I felt I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would of done.


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