Recently I was pressured by someone to get out there and start dating again. To be honest, I am happy as I am and I am not unhappy being single. I am at a busy juncture in my life and right now I just don’t have the time for a relationship. I should never have listened to the person in the first place but I guess I had a moment of weakness. I ended up joining a dating website, more specifically

To say it was an interesting experience was an understatement, after the first weekend (2 days to be precise) I wanted to come off the site and I submitted a request to get my month subscription money back. I stayed on the website for until the next weekend because had not processed my request. Eventually they did and I was able to get my month subscription money back. If you do try a dating site read the terms and conditions, normally you have 14 days to rethink your subscription and change your mind and get a refund.

It’s not really until joining Meetup and that I experienced how Sexist some people truly are.

I wanted to share some of the messages I got whilst on the site for a week.

Person A: Can I ask you a ? Xx

Me: yeah

Person A: Can u c my pics x

Me: yes i can

Person A: Give us a kiss x

Person B: Hey Emma loving the pic looking amazing are those eyes genuine Dior or are Matalan getting loads better? So how did you end up on here Emma because you stand out on here like a Ferrero Rocher in Aldi. Not much to your profile either luckily for you Peter Andre told me all about you and I agree with what he said Wow Wowa wow Wowa wow. So Miss Emma how’s your week going? X

Person C: If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable

Person D seemed to think all women were just obsessed by fashion and that was the only thing there tiny little minds could get their head around. A woman’s life therefore revolved around making themselves look pretty for a Friday and Saturday night, so naturally the person wanted to know what I would wear on such an occasion.

Person E asked why I didn’t have much on my profile and asked if I liked being mysterious. I jokingly agreed. His reply was to say that the thought of me being mysterious made him currently very hard and he was looking for a life partner and I would be that person.

The person that scared me the most was Person F. Person F was a journalist and he told me what he did and then asked what I did. As I was getting fed up with some of the people on the site I didn’t want to go specifically into detail with what I did, so I made a vague comment. This guy then went off on one saying I was rude. I replied back that he was incredibly rude and I didn’t want to share the details of what I did. He accused me of being childish, so I told him what I did and showed that I was very intelligent and had a clear career path in contrast to his rude assumptions about me. I then blocked him on the sight – only for him to stalk me on Social media and contact me through Facebook. This was the final straw and I couldn’t stay on the website anymore.

But there are also the wolves in Sheep’s clothing. Person G seemed really nice and sweet, gone through a divorce quite young because his wife cheated on him and he was a single parent. Only he wasn’t quite, he co-parented and had his daughter three and a half days a week. This would be reduced when she started primary school. He then moaned about all the women in his office who constantly take time off, because as a single parent he used his holiday to look after his sick child and basically the reason women didn’t make enough money or get promoted was because they were lazy slackers who constantly took time off because they couldn’t manage their children properly. And it has nothing to do with not all men taking an active role in their child’s life after the breakdown of a relationship and that sometimes women are the only caregiver in their child’s life. He seemed a nice guy until you got to know him.

It’s not the most fun experience I have ever in my life. There were many others that made comments but these were the ones that really stuck out. Another really prominent feature is that there on men on there who clearly have no interest in getting into a relationship and just want to get their leg over as many women as possible and they maybe see a dating site as a classic way to get potentially vulnerable women to sleep with them. It’s a really sad reality that dating sites aren’t always a nice place.

Will I ever use one again? No!


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  • Dennis

    Hi Emma,

    That are some of the reasons why I haven’t tested a online dating service yet.Friends of me already told me so much about their experiences; also that many who seemed to be honest on the first point of view were completely different people in “real”.
    Anyway I think – if possible- the best way is to meet somebody on the classical way.

    Best from BW;)


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