Room (5 Stars)


Room is a beautiful film about the struggle to come to terms with the kidnap, imprisonment and rape of a Joy Newson (Brei Larson), but the unusual twist is that the film is seen through the eyes of Joy’s five year old child. The film and book the story is taken from is inspired by the story of Felix, the five year old child of Elizabeth Fritzl; the woman who was kidnapped and imprisoned by her father for over 24 years.

I say the film is beautiful, because it shows the bond between a mother and a child and how when at her darkest point, isolated and alone, a woman is given a child who helps her deal with her horrible situation and ultimately helps her to escape from her captivity. This film feels very much like a fly on the wall documentary and gives a very realistic insight into the struggle to adjust to life after such a horrific ordeal.

I thought Brie Larson was fantastic and really encapusulated her role well, but the absolute star of this film is Jacob Tremblay. At only 9, his acting is superb and I couldn’t fault it. I usually am highly critical of child actors – I know they are young and acting is a difficult master, even for much older adults. Often I find films that have children in to be spoilt by the inability to believe the child. Jacob, however, was wonderful to watch and I think he has a real talent already. It’ll be interesting to see him grow over the next 10 or so years.



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