Star Wars: The Force Awakens (3 1/2 Stars)


Cineworld has really annoyed me with this film. The first week it was released they were showing 36 showings of it A DAY. I get that the demand was there and that Star Wars has a really big fan base, but did it really need 36 showings a day? There were so many films I wanted to see in December that I couldn’t because they were but on limited runs and really obscure film times (like 10am) because of this film. So I’m not going to have to wait until they are released on DVD. Even now, over a month later Star Wars has 11 screenings today. Great…but the showing I went to, and I only went to it because there was nothing else I could watch for the next four hours because of Star Wars, had me and two other people. So Cineworld why is the demand for the film has died down, does it still need 11 showings a day?!

Anyway I shall actually review the film now. There has been a lot of criticism for the two youngest cast actors (John Boyega and Daisy Ridley), but personally to me most of the actors in Star Wars appear quiet wooden, Carrie Fisher is another example. I even found Harrison Ford to be quite wooden and I generally rate him; but I think it has part and parcel to do with the Star Wars charm. It is very formulaic, very much good will triumph over evil. I’ve watched all the films, but I’ve only watched them once years ago, so I wouldn’t say I am a hardcore fan, FAR from it. To me this movie, was something I had seen six times before. It wasn’t any different. It’s worth a watch, but it’s like Halloween, and however many there are of that franchise…it’s the same thing respun. It’s something you can switch off to and watch for two hours, to me it’s not going to excite or inspire me.

The one thing I will say about Star Wars though, is that opening. The music sequence and the ‘In a Galaxy a long, long time ago…’ and then the yellow writing. It’s so iconic and so inspiring and it does really get you into the vibe that you are going to see a great movie. Unfortunately you are not, but I do really like the opening.

I don’t think it’s better than Avatar which was the biggest grossing film of all time prior to this film. I think I’d rather go and see Avatar again, than the Force Awakens.


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