The Ultimate Planner?

Lately I’ve been really thinking about what my ultimate dream planner would be and I have found that it doesn’t exist in it’s entirety on the market. BUT as Van der Spek make customer orders I’ve been thinking about the possibility of making creating my own.

I recently won a competition and won a beautiful Van der Spek writing case. Everything about this item screams quality so I was thinking about getting a Van der Spek planner. Where I can match colour combinations and design the inside pocket space.

So what would I go for?


Well I’m really tempted by at A6 planner – this is a standard size in terms of buying paper because it is half of a5. I really don’t like the a5 as a planner as it is a bit too big to carry every day. Personal is great but it can be a real pain trying to find paper that is already at that size because it is so specific to Filofax and other planners who have got with the filofax program. It would also mean that this would be the only planner I have in that size which would make it a big more unique. However the 30mm rings on the Van der Spek standard is really appealing to me. This would make it the same size as a personal – which wouldn’t be so bad because I am really use to making and cutting personal pages anyway. Who doesn’t need 30mm rings?! That would be awesome!


I absolutely LOVE the colour on my A5 writing pad so that would be a no brainer. The outside would have to be 184 Brandy Italian (old color). However, Amanda from She’s Electric has a beautiful turquoise/brown planner that just looks so lovely. It would complement my hair and personality quite well. A little bit of sensible mixed with a little bit of modern, punky twist. So it would be a battle between full on Brandy Italian or mix it a little turquoise.



No question about it would have to be silver. Either 30mm in the standard/personal size. Or 25mm in the senior/a6 size.


Now here’s the really fun part. How would my planner look? I really love the full length back pocket on my mini Malden. So I would include one of those whatever size I got.


On the left hand side I’d have the layout of a Filofax Baroque, but reverse it. So I’d have the larger sized compartment in the position of a VdS planner, with vertical card pockets like the Baroque. Then I’d have a full length pocket also like the Baroque.

The right side, or the back would include a full length back pocket like a Malden.

I am unsure if I would include a pen holder at the moment. Currently in my Malden I do not use a pen loop but put various pens in the back pocket, but they back pocket can also fit my phone in so maybe I would use the pen loop if I had my phone in it. My current favourite pen does not fit in the Malden pen loop.

Outside? I really like the Lockwood front and back pockets. Whether I’d have both or just the one…I’m not too sure yet.

It’s an interesting and fun thing to think about. If you had a dream planner what would yours include?


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