Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (3 1/2 Stars)


It wasn’t enough for ITV to launch just one supernatural thriller with the Midwinter of the Spirit, it also has to have a period drama in the form of Harry Price: Ghost Hunter.

The title for this one is sadly not as a catchy as Midwinter of the Spirit and I think they could have come up with something better. The set was absolutely beautiful and I did love the costume set. Rafe Spall, who took the lead as Harry Price also gave a wonderful performance. His performance however was marred by the lack of material and script to work with, which wasn’t all that brilliant. The twist in the storyline though I was not expecting and did find that rather refreshing. The addition of Cara Theobold as Sara Grey, the housekeeper was welcoming. This has been left open for the potential to have this as a pilot leading to an extended drama. I’m not adverse to seeing it being made into a drama but without Tom Ward who played Edward Goodwin; I do think considerable work will need to be done on the script to make it viable for at least another couple of episodes. I didn’t have a strong impact of Downton Abbey did in the beginning, but then again Harry Price does not have a big cast of great actors behind it. With a little nurturing and encouragement though I think there is potential to make it a watchable series.


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