Joy (2 1/2 Stars)


Jennifer Lawrence gives a great performance as Joy, a divorced mother of two. Struggling to be the adult in a family where their are few of them. Her mother (Virginia Madsen) is obsessed with staying in her room and watching soap operas. Her father (Robert De Niro) is a bullying, unhappy man who takes every opportunity to belittle his daughter and ex-wife. Her ex-husband (Édgar Ramírez), still living in her basement even after a divorce two years ago is obsessed with a music career that isn’t bringing home the money, but is reluctant to face facts and work at job that will bring a stable income.

Whilst cleaning up a broken glass, Joy cuts her hands whilst ringing the mop head. Also having a creative brain Joy invents a mop that can be rung without having to touch the mop head. It also has a detachable head that can be thrown in a washing machine (It’s interesting that this element of the film, which is a key component is missing from the trailer. It made the trailer appeal more glamorous and if someone Joy was a more interesting or perhaps bordering on Mafia-style business woman). Joy knows she has an idea that sells but she doesn’t have the money to invest. Money it quickly seems is not Joy’s problem as she has to also overcome living in her father’s idea man’s world and accept that although her family, they are not shrewd or knowledgeable business people.

The film, I found to be rather boring, the storyline just wasn’t there to make this an interesting two hour film. I found it slow to start and then towards the end it seemed to speed up time and jam in a flash forward to create the perfect setting of a happy ending.


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