The Danish Girl (5 Stars)


I was a little worried about this film, it looked good from the trailer but I’d seen the trailer so often that I was beginning to get bored of it. I thought I would be equally bored of the film, I’d feared I’d sit there for two hours and I’d be bored because I would have felt like I’d seen the film already.

Happily I have to say that this film was truly breathtaking. I couldn’t fault anything. Eddie Redmayne as Lili was truly breathtakingly exquisite. He takes on the heartbreakingly cruel situation of a woman born into the wrong body and portrays the horrific sad situation this can be. This is a film that transcends the period it was set in (the 1920s) and could equally be a modern telling of any transgender individual who is sadly born into their wrong body.

It is truly heartbreaking to watch as you see the parasite of Lili grow in Einar’s body; only to truly realise that Lili is not the parasite at all. Einar is and has always been the parasite sucking the life out and trying to destroy Lili. Lili is dying and only Einar’s wife, Gerda (Alicia Vikander) can see it. Doctors believe that Lili is not real and try to treat Einar so he can go back to his life and have a child with his wife.

You feel for everyone, Einar, Lili and Gerda. In the end there is the opportunity for a happy ending but Lili and Einar cannot life together and only through the death of Einar can a happy ending occur.

I truly encourage everyone to see this. It is the best performance Eddie Redmayne has ever given and I struggle to see how he’d be able to top it in the future.


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