Sisters (4 Stars)


Maura Ellis (Amy Poehler) recieves some very upsetting news that her parents are thinking about selling their house and would like Maura and her sister Kate (Tiny Fey) to clean out their old room. Only knowing Kate will not take it well, have not told her. Little does Maura know and much to her own shock – the house is already sold. So what are two sisters to do knowing their beloved chilhood home is going to go forever? Go back to their routes and throw the last Ellis party, of course!

I was put off seeing this for a long time, because it didn’t look like it would interest me. Sure the advert looked good and made me laugh, but I thought all the funny parts had been shown already and I didn’t feel like I had to see the full movie to gain anything from it. I’m not a big comedy fan. I find some of them are quite over the top and end up being a bit cringy – and I don’t like cringy.

However, I thought this one struck a really good balance. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were amazing together and they really bounced off each other artisticly and made it work – there was such a chemistry between them. They were funny and the storyline was great with the right amount of over the top crazy and good laughter. There was the occasional lull in the comedy as elements of the story script played out, but unlike say Daddy’s Home, another film I watched recently; it isn’t boring or subdued as you wait for the next funny part. Really enjoyed it! Would recommend you try and get yourself to the cinema to see it – although as I was at one of the last showing you may have to wait for the DVD!


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