Krampus (2 Stars)

The Krampus is not something that appears within our cultural belief system, but he is very prominent in Bavarian and Austrian culture. To those unfamiliar with him, he is St. Nicolas’s (Father Christmas) helper. Whilst Father Christmas is the man who rewards children’s good behaviour with gifts. Krampus is the one who comes to punish naughty children, by collecting them in a bag sack he carries over his back and taking them away from their families. He is traditionally represented as a goat like figure, often with chains – he is believed to have an origin within paganism and the chains represent the idea of chaining yourself to the Devil and away from Christianity.

Because I am quite interested in this tradition I was looking forward to this film. I knew it probably wouldn’t be all that great of a film – it advertised it as a horror and I just don’t find horrors all that entertaining, or even scary. But I was interested none the less. The major problem I had with this film is that it seemed to hit both comical and horror angles at the same time, and missed the mark on both. I can’t understand why it tried to hit on both levels or whether the comedy with intentional or not I don’t know. Another thing I found a bit weird was the inclusion of the Grandmother he refused to speak in English to her family who was speaking English, she instead insisted on speaking German, until partway through the film she speaks briefly in English – yet she can understand and relies to English conversation?! Was a bit bizarre. Anyway, the film is ok it’s a generic horror film with a predicable storyline and the classic inclusion of one, or in this case several annoying children. It’s not one to rush to see.


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