Bridge of Spies (4 Stars)

Bridge of Spies has that very formulaic Cold War spy movie feel to it, which I particularly liked about it. Tom Hawkes takes the lead splendidly and is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. A better disappointment is that you do not get to see more of Mark Rylance who was equally fantastic. Another interesting part of this film is the use of German, which is present within the film without subtitles…this impressed me because it was a testament to how good my German is getting, because I understood it all without the need for subtitles. However, given that not everyone is fluent with German I liked the feel of isolation and intimidation being posed to James Donovan.

I heard that the idea for the film came about as a result of the screen writers reading about it in a footnote of a book and wanting to know more about the story behind James Donovan…which I think is great, because quite often I read something and go off on tangents and find out about different topics that way. It’s nice that screen writers do that as well and find original stories and bring them to the cinema so other people can find out the amazing true stories that are often overlooked in the bigger narrative.


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