DIY Post it notes

I covert the beautiful target sticky note:

il_570xn-791194852_28uvI really wanted a sticky note that looked like that. A check list where you can actually tick things off. I tried and failed to find one I liked in the UK. I eventually gave up but remember seeing a video from Kent from Oz about Printing your own sticky notes.

The video is here:

So I watched it and came up with my own solution for how to do it, it’s very similar to Kent’s but I did do a few changes so I thought I’d share my version of it.

Firstly I do it in Publisher, it’s a program I use for all my inserts. I opened up a blank a4 portrait page. I took a ruler and measured the size of my sticky note. I then inserted a table the exact size as my sticky note. In this case it’s 7.5cm x 7.5cm. I put a black border around my table and I centred it to be in the middle of the screen. I ended up with this. very similar to Kent’s video.


This is where it changes slightly. I then created a new blank page and created another table exactly the same size and put it in the same position; only this time I didn’t put the black border around it. I then drew a design I wanted on my post it note.


I then lined up my sticky note onto the sheet I had printed out and experimented with my printer. If you have an up and over printer like I do then you’d like the paper in your tray with the sticky note face down with the sticky part facing closest to you. Then you print and voila you can a pretty printed sticky to do note without having to pay a fortune shipping them.

Now you can create as many on the page as you want as long as you position them in line with you template that is fine. I know this was a slightly more OCD way to do it – now I know my design is going to be dead centre. I hope you too can also get some beautiful sticky notes even if you don’t live near a target!

This is one I tried and ended up getting the sticky note the wrong way round!

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