The Dressmaker (3 1/2 Stars)

Kate Winslet never ceases to be anything but spectacular and this film is not acception. Her acting talent is a joy to watch and she is amazing. She is also very beautiful and like a modern day Marilyn Monroe. I’m not one to like to draw attention to beauty but Kate Winslet is stunning and prove that a woman with a fuller figure is definitely sexier than size zero any day.

The film itself is somewhat weird. I will divide the acting talents of those on the hill vs. Those below the hill. Those on the hill play their roles brilliantly and they were superb. However those beneath the hill will comical and not as brilliant as the rest of the cast. I can liken it in some way to American Ultra. Half the cast is serious acting which has moments of humour. The rest of the cast is being comical in the attempt to carry into the drama. I felt it just didn’t work and in some ways spoilt the film. I get that it was suppose to be a dark comedy film and it was funny and morbid in nature. Just the somewhat comical nature of those beneath the hill seemed at odds with the rest of the cast. It’s a shame they didn’t gel these two groups of actors together a bit more. If they had I think this film would have merited a higher rating. It’s a shame really because I do feel I am being generous with the rating, and there were certainly elements of the film that warranted a higher rating. There were also sadly elements that I felt just didn’t work in the overall film.


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