The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 (4 Stars)

Thankfully, this film saw a return to the form of the original film and it was brilliant.

For me the ideas of concepts within the original film were quite powerful. Being in Holocaust studies I was particularly impressed with the way the film tackled key ideas and concepts that can help to understand why people can be so barbaric and how totalitarian systems can operate. The second and the third film did not really help carry these messages across. The fourth film however begins to tackle with the idea of Victor’s justice and how society can be shaped by the close of a war and how early implementation of a new society with law and order can help determine the future of that society. Although this film only lightly touched on the idea of a zero hour and in typically Hollywood fashion the happy ending comes with virtually no trouble at all. I have parallels with my current work on exploring the West German government and their decision to give amnesty to Nazi war Criminals in order to help rebuild a defeat and desolated Germany. I can see how ideas and thinking from that period have played out in this film and I am particularly impressed how the film, based on teenager books can help to spread meaningful situations,  reactions and discussions. Although it is probably just me over analysing it and others way just watch and appreciate the film at more face value. Nevertheless it is a good film.


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