The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 (2 1/2 Stars)

I think the problem with a lot of franchise films, such as Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games…is that inevitably there is an end period. What Hollywood seems to do in such occasions is try and extend that franchise to make two films out of one book, or even in the case of The Hobbit – three films.

The problem with this film, as with the case of the Hobbit, I don’t think there needs to be a cutting of the story. The Hobbit certainly didn’t need the invention of the storyline for the entire second movie. I can’t quite fully comment on Mockingjay, as I have not read the books and I do not know the storyline to follow. But this film was just unnecessarily long and not as good as the first two, for the reason you could just tell the were trying to produce another movie out of it. It annoys me that sometimes stories can in the way of making movie for Hollywood, and I think that is wrong.

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