The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (3 Stars)

I was disappointed with this film. I loved the first one and it seemed somehow above the usual quality of Hollywood – yes it had all the plot twists of a Hollywood and the glamour, but the messages that came out of it for me were powerful. Especially working as I do within Third Reich and Holocaust studies. People can sit there and say why didn’t people stand up to the Nazis. Well some didn’t because they believed what was being said. Some didn’t because they feared losing their positions. Some were just trying to live there lives in a quiet and as safe a way as possible. Others tried to fight against the Nazis, they either fled for their lives or they ended up dead. It’s always noble to have hind sight and say you would do things differently, but when forced into the situation, when you have to make the choice, what would you do?

In this film there are no lasting moral questions. The film was very much just an average Hollywood film – it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as good as the first one. This one just felt rushed. Like you know it was building to something at the end, so the details were just skipped over or rushed through to get to the end bit, the important bit.

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