Pencil Love: Zebra Mini P-TS-3 Mechanical Pencil

In my previous post I wrote about my pen I use for my malden and I mentioned that I also use a pencil. This is a review of that pencil.

It’s made by the same company, Zebra, as my mini pen. I also got it from Amazon. It was slightly more expensive than the pen at £3.60, but as it is a mechanical pencil it does have the option to refill it. And indeed the end of the pencil is unscrewable. I couldn’t see an option to do this with the pen, you might be able too but I am really prone to breaking things, so I didn’t want to risk it.

The pencil itself is 10cm tall and it is much thinner than the pen. It is ok to write with but it is slightly more difficult to write with and it is not as nice to write with as the pen. I would have preferred the pencil to have been a little more thicker.


The problem with the stiff clip on the pen is not present in the pencil, which is great I would be happier to clip this to the pen loop, except it when you do so the end of the pen pops out of the end of the malden. So like the pen I store it in the zipped compartment. They both fit in there great and it doesn’t add and bulk to the malden. It does not come with a rubber like some mechanical pencils do, but to be honest if it did, it would only really be a token rubber – I imagine any more than two attempts to rub something out would cause the rubber to disintegrate or break.


I use the pencil more than the pen as my malden has a word of the day written into the diary sections – I write these in pencil so I use it every day. The pen more infrequently. I don’t think this set is the probably the best solution for pens in the malden. Ideally I would like the pen loop to be a bit bigger so I could just use a Bic pen, but they work well enough and I am happy to keep using them without feeling the need to rush or even look for a replacement.


One Reply to “Pencil Love: Zebra Mini P-TS-3 Mechanical Pencil”

  1. Used to have this some years back. It is too tiny for prolong writing but useful for quick short note on the go. I have replaced it with Lamy Agenda which feels better in the hand albeit with a 0.7mm lead


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