The World’s End (3 1/2 Stars)

Gary King (Simon Pegg) is a middle aged dead beat alcoholic who attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. During one meeting he retells the best night of his life…a failed attempt to complete the Golden Mile pub crawl in his hometown, where a fellow AA member remarks about the fact it was never completed. With the idea fresh in his head…Gary sets off to find his friends (who are not in successful jobs) to complete his quest to recreated his best night but fulfill the mission he failed to complete years before. However, all is not as it seems in the village of Newton Haven, as some of the regular publicans and residents fail to remember the gang, which disheartens Gary. Is it simply a case of time passing…or is something stranger occurring in the village?

This film is strangely formulaic to Hot Fuzz and I was a little disappointed with Oliver’s Character, as I normally love Martin Freeman. Setting those little complaints aside I did find the film funny and there were particularly some brilliant lines of dialogue in the film which more than made up for the sameness from Hot Fuzz. I wouldn’t say it was as good as Hot Fuzz, which I am always happy to watch when I catch it on Netflix or the telly. I probably wouldn’t rush to watch this one repeatedly, but there was some witty banter. I just thought the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost magic was missing in this film and the addition of Eddie Marsan, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine just wasn’t as brilliant as I hoped it would have been.


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