The Gift (4 1/2 Stars)

Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall) have just made a big move from Chicago back to Simon’s home suburb in Los Angeles, for reasons that manifest themselves within the film. Whilst shopping for new decoration for their new place, Simon bumps into a old acquaintance from school, Gordo (Joel Edgerton). Gordo recognises Simon instantly…Simon does not. Being polite Robyn invites Gordo into their lives and it quickly becomes apparent that Gordo is not all he seems and with repeatedly leaving gifts, Simon reverts back to an old nickname…Gordo the Werido. However it is painfully obvious to Robyn that Gordo and Simon have a history…one that makes Robyn question who she really married.

This film is brilliant. I think the advert let this one down, it gave away alot of the storyline to begin with and there were bits of the film I was anticipating and got right throughout. However dispite the spoilers (which are akin to those next week on such tv show) I thought the ending to the film was fantastic. There was a gripping suspense as you watch the final scenes play out and it leaves you with the questions…can you ever truely know who you’ve married? and more importantly – would you tell her?


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