Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (3 Stars)

Normally I stay clear of horror films, it’s not because they scare me. Quite the opposite in fact, they normally bore me to sleep. For that reason I have never watched any of the Paranormal Activities before that, although I have heard that they are better than previous films, in that they are scarier.

I decided to give the sixth one a go – normally when a franchise has gone on to six films – they are kinda getting a bit stale by this point. I thought this was the third film going in – that’s how much I knew about the franchise. We were sold tickets to this being a 3d film and we got the glasses. However it didn’t start off 3d…and for a while we thought we’d be mis-sold it and ended up taking off the glasses. It turned out some 3d stuff did happen later in the film.

The film begins apparently when the last film ended (I was told by my friend who had watched the previous ones), so I felt a bit like the recent Bond, that there was going to be part of the storyline I was missing out on. Luckily it is a stand alone. I didn’t feel that in not watching the previous ones I had missed a ton of storyline. The plot itself for a horror film was pretty interesting. I liked the spooky video camera and the guys getting interesting in it. I liked the effects and thought the film was ok.

If I was to pick a horror I would probably give another Paranormal Activity a go. They are never going to win film of the year but for a stick something claiming to be scary it’s worth a shot at trying to get you scared, even if it doesn’t it won’t bore you whilst it attempts to scare you.


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