Spectre (3 Stars)

Normally, going into a Bond film, my reaction would have been that I loved them. I have been a Bond fan. However, since working in a Video Rental shop a few years ago I managed, despite having access to a ton of films to miss some pretty major films. The last Bond film I watched was Casino Royal – so I’ve pretty much missed the interlinking story between Casino Royal and Spectre. That being said – you can watch this film and get by without knowing the back story, because I did. You don’t really miss that much by not knowing it.

It starts of brilliantly – action, fantastic bond opening, it’s gritty and has a certain Bond humour wit to it – which I have always liked. Great car chase. Just I don’t know they updated Moneypenny and Q – which I think is great, they were less of these bit parts and had more bite to them (well Moneypenny did far more than Q)…but the plot went stale when it was cue for the traditional Bond romance that will never continue to the next film – fabulously sexy dress and cheesey story plot until Bond becomes the womaniser he has always known to be.

I guess, I can appreciate the tradition of it all…however what was acceptable for Dr. No in 1962 is getting to be outdated in 2015. Maybe it’s time to break the 007 formula and reinvent it a little bit more?


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