The Fiddle and Bone

The Fiddle and Bone forms part of the Round House and is located on Sheepcote Street, just off Broad Street.

It’s a fantastic historical building located next to the canal and has beautiful outside tables so you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, although it is getting a little too cold to do that right now.

The food is excellent however at over £11 for a Sunday Roast dinner (vegetarian option is not available on the menu but you can have a meat free one at the same price as a meat one). Whilst the food is lovely and well cooked I think the portion size for the price is not fair able and I still felt hungry after my main meal (and I’m not a big eater). I would have eaten a pudding as well but the venue was just too over price and I didn’t feel like spending more for a pudding because my meal did not satisfy me.

The venue’s best selling feature however is the upstairs music venue which plays live music every Friday and Saturday evening and every Sunday afternoon. It’s an eclectic mix of different styles and bands and there is something to suit everyone. So I really recommend checking out their website and find something that takes your fancy.

I think this is a fantastic reuse of an historic building…which dates back to 1769 and was constructed by James Brindley. It first appeared on an O.S. map in 1887. This venue was once closed overnight because of complaints of noise by nearby residents. I even heard a story that empty glasses were left on the tables for years before it was allowed to reopen. I am glad it’s still around and I look forward to the next time I attend, although probably not for food.

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