Suffragette (3 Stars)

I had been looking forward to this film was quite a film, when I finally watched it I was a little disappointed. I just didn’t enjoy the film as much as I hoped.

The film centres around the fictional Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) a married mother of one who works in a laundry and explores how Maud enters the world of women’s suffrage; at first rather reluctantly.

I think the script and pace of the film let this down and I was particularly disappointed with the character of Alice Houghton (Romola Garai) who played a rather bitty, weak female role that made the story seem like it was a rising up of the working class and wealthy women were bit players in the movement. Whilst it was good that the film did not ignore working class women in the movement, I do think they should have tried to develop the role of Houghton more.

The film also focused predominately on the transition of the movement from peaceful protest to civil disobedience and whilst this is perhaps seen as more glamorous I would have liked to see more of the idealogical rationale, rather than the film relying on background knowledge to fill that in.

I think it is worth a watch but I just hoped it would be something more than it was.


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