My Filofaxes: Pocket Vintage Jack


As you can seen from my previous posts on the Vintage Jack and the Original Jack. I like Union Jacks on my Filofax…I’ve had my eye on a Pocket Vintage Jack in my WH Smith for quite a while – I’ve admired it and always put it back…it had been £13 for a long time and although I loved it, I just didn’t see a need for it nor much cause to get it. After all my inserts are mostly designed for a personal – I would have to make them especially for a pocket. I have a mini for the on the go jotter. I just don’t need a pocket. In addition, the Vintage Jack range…although I love it I dislike the lack of pen holder, which is a problem for the personal as well. I’m not a big pocket lover, but I would have liked at least a long flap I could maybe stuff receipts of something in…maybe the way round this is to get transparent pockets or the ones with the zip on them. It comes with the transparent dashboard that has the plastic pen loop on it (except mine comes with two?!).

Anyway…I walked into WH Smith the other day and it was £8.49 and for the first time ever I saw 2016 inserts with it…which I thought was a much better deal. Although I dislike filofax inserts it’s good to know that I can have inserts for 2016 ready if I did want to use it. I really bought this planner because I spent the weekend discussing the possibility of creating an etsy shop and looking into selling my inserts both in electronic and printed format. Whilst this is still just an idea…I thought it might be good to have the full range of Filofax sizes…so with this planner I can now say I have a mini, pocket, compact, personal and a5.


At the moment it’s just going to sit on my shelf until I can find a use for it, it does have pride of place though so it is the only filofax I can see at the moment…but at least I can admire in my home rather than the WH Smith shop from now on.



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